JRC is continusly violating Mass regulation 115

Edit Sep 21, 2018: Just to update law link.

Mass has a law stating that level III intervention (such as electric shock) not be used for minor misbehavior. Why isn’t JRC employees being prosecuted for violating it?! Why is this law being ignored?

According to 115 CMR (Code of Massachusetts) 5.14 (found on page 20 of the pdf):

Level III Interventions may be used only to address extraordinarily difficult or dangerous behavioral problems that significantly interfere with appropriate behavior and or the learning of appropriate and useful skills and that have seriously harmed or are likely to seriously harm the individual or others.

Am I the only one who has noticed this? JRC shocks children for things as minor as swearing, wetting the bed dozing daring the day, etc. JRC is clearly and openly breaking the law, and admitting to it. (See JRC FAQ Is it true that JRC uses skin shock to punish minor behaviors? That page of there site was down last time I checked you may have to view an archive of it.) Yet the legal system is letting them get away with it, with out even a slap on the wrist.

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