Mathew Israel Anounces His Retirerment

Dr. Mathew Israel director of the Judge Rotenberg Center announces he will retire on June 1.

Good riddens to that cruel Dr. Israel, hope he has to suffer the mistreatment he put his students through.

Maybe now without him the place will die away, or at least there cruel treatment of people.

Mathew Israel should have to be made to go through his own program, being strapped with electrodes 24/7 and being shocked for every minor thing, like swearing and non-compliance! And see how he likes cameras on him at all times with male and females watching him shower. See how he likes being put on Specialized Food Program where they can reduce his food intake to 25% of his normal daily caloric target (see the JRC Program Visitation Report 6/9/2006 See how he likes it!

One thought on “Mathew Israel Anounces His Retirerment

  1. F*** You Dr. Torture and your Staff at the Judge Rotenberg Center and the horse you rode on too! I hope your stupid program shuts down and see how you and the staff like to have your pants being taken off, and be forced to have diapers put on all of you and be strapped down a four-point restraint board and be shocked. Would anyone of you like it and be watched over and be showered. I’m glad that I wasn’t in that Judge Rotenberg Center at all, but let me tell you something! I have a disability too! I was born with anoxic brain injury, along with learning disability, adhd, memory problems, intellectual disorder, and developmental delays as well as Asperger syndrome. I also have tic disorders as well. I also have post traumatic stress disorder. I’m so glad that I never met you and the staff at the Judge Rotenberg Center in MA, because you and staff are a bad person, and all you do to the students there is torture them by shocking, restraining them, strapping them down, and putting them on food deprivation and making them very sick, In addition, you’re killing those children with special needs as well as the adults with special needs. Shame on you Judge Rotenberg Center. I want you totally shut down for good. You’re lying to the children and adults with special needs’ parents in their face. Dr. Torture, I’m glad you retired and good bye, and you don’t deserve to have enjoyment and have any fun at all. You don’t even deserve to go to heaven when it’s time for you to leave this world. No you don’t, because of what you did to the special needs children and adults by killing and torturing them in that school. I don’t like you, the staff and the Judge Rotenberg Center, and I wish the School in MA never exist. Good Bye, Dr. Torture!

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