Strait from the horse’s mouth! The horror of BRLs

In such situations behavior rehearsal lessons are applied as follows. One prompts the student to engage in the first phase of the behavior. For example one prompts a student to pick up a knife and begin to direct it toward his arm as though to cut it with the knife. Then one arranges an aversive stimulus, for example one administers a GED skin shock. This is called a behavior rehearsal lesson. The student is prompted (against his will if necessary) to begin the undesired behavior (i.e., to move the knife in the direction of the arm) and is then receives an aversive stimulus while engaging in that beginning phase of the behavior.

Source: JRC’s own website: archive of (click question 24) (archive April 23rd 2008 by

Aversive stimulus is an electric shock by there powerful remote shock devices.
JRC is Judge Rotenberg Center, formally BRI (The Behavior Research Institute).
BRI is Behavior Rehearsal Lessons.
GED That’s the shock device they use, the Graduated Electronic Decelerator. It’s remote controlled and puts out 106.3 volts (rms) at 14.8 milliamps (rms) for 2 full seconds. (that info comes from this article by the director of JRC: A Remote-Controlled Electric Shock Device for Behavior Modification).

Note I put a link to the archive of JRC’s page because the page has been mysteriously taken down from JRC’s website. Hmm I wonder why. Could it be that JRC’s incriminating evidence they post on there website is being used against them?

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