Petition to stop the Judge Rotenberg Center

Please sign the petition:

“Close The Judge Rotenberg Center: Zapping Children Is Torture!”

I really think this is an important cause, and I’d like to encourage you to add your signature, too. It’s free and takes just a few seconds of your time.



3 thoughts on “Petition to stop the Judge Rotenberg Center

  1. Glenda P. Crookes: (401) 438-7035

    Robert E. von Heyn: (401) 949-2862

    Lynn Parrillo:

    Karen A. Lachance: (860) 564-1469

    Joseph Assalone: (401) 828-1813

    Mary E. Ferns: (401) 568-2334

    Alexis Hazard: (401) 467-4288

    Ann-Marie Iasimone: (401) 942-2101 / (401) 942-5528

    Nathan A. Blenkush:

    Marisol Pinto Nichols: / 781-828-2202 ext 2237 Fax 781-828-7547

    Rosemary Silva:

    Julie Gomes:

    Tanya Chiarella:

    Doreen Fletcher:

    Robert Duquette:

    Sylvie Dorval:

    Erin Holland:

    Sarah Burt:

    Robert Kalinowski:

    Ernie Corrigan 617-399-6017 (office) or 617-875-1229.

    Board Members:

    Margaret Vaughan -retired professor of psychology at Salem State

    Bertrand Davis

    -Tell them we said “Hello”

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