JRC Survivor Speaks Out

Jennifer Msumba speaks out about her experience going to the Judge Rotenberg Center, in this 4 part series published in November of 2014. She talks about her time there as there prisoner (what they call “student”), what she experienced there, and how it caused her to feel and react.

JRC Survivor Speaks Out (Part 1)

JRC Survivor Speaks Out (Part 2)

JRC Survivor Speaks Out (Part 3)

JRC Survivor Speaks Out (Part 4)

(You can also check out the anti-JRC Facebook groups for info and discussion on The Judge Rotenberg Center: Massachusetts Students United Against The Judge Rotenberg Center
and DOWN with the Judge Rotenberg Center in Canton, Massachusetts!)

One thought on “JRC Survivor Speaks Out

  1. Some of the things she was shocked for (according to part 2): not answering staff within 5 seconds, saying the word “no”, shaking my head, waving my hands in front of my face, 5 verbal behaviors in an hour (talk to self, repeating, crying, bizarre speech, nagging), tensing up,

    Who could argue that that is not cruel. I Say it’s very cruel, and a violation of basic human rights. People are supposed to have the right to say “no”. This is sick. And it angers me that people defend this place so completely.

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