Fact, If the treatment that is used at JRC was used out in public, it would be called assault.

I posted this as a comment on https://norfolkcountyamnesty.wordpress.com/2018/05/03/the-judge-rotenberg-center-and-torture

It’s really really sick that this country allows this. I’ve seen this video before. Ive seen most of them. It is extremely cruel especially that they shock them for sh* like stimming (just waving there hand) because they want to eliminate the typical autistic behavior of stimming. Just minor behavior that is not bad or harmful they shock students for. And there is LOP which is another sick twisted horrible torture that they used, probably still do where they take away there prisoners (“students”) right to talk with other students. Its so cruel. It’s incredible that this sadistic viol torture is allowed as an exception, when almost anywhere else this treatment would be punished by imprisonment.

Try to give some one out in public in the street an electric shock for stimming, do it to a random stranger and it is considered assault. Do it to your child and they take your child away. But JRC can do it and the law says JRC gets a free pass. In JRC It’s called “treatment” by the law. Everywhere else it is called “assault”. Makes no sense.