Please save the internet

Vote is on December 14, 2017

Basically what the end of net neutrality means, is that if your ISP (internet company) doesn’t like a site your trying to access (like Netflix because it’s to much competition) they can block them or slow down your connection to them. If you don’t think this could happen, well it already has. COMCAST was getting away with doing this for a while until they were found out. We need to keep laws in place to stop ISPs from doing this.

Please go to click +Express and comment to the FCC you want Net Neutrality laws in Title II.

Also contact congress by going here

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An alternative to JRC and Skin Shocks that works

So many times it’s all to easy to post problems without solutions. Brian Iwata who invented the shock device JRC’s shock device was based on has successfully phased out his device the SIBIS.

The following is from:
The Washington Post – An electric shock therapy stops self-harm among the autistic, but at what cost?

Brian Iwata, a professor of psychology and psychiatry at the University of Florida who developed an earlier version of the GED, called the self-injurious behavior inhibiting system, or SIBIS, says it’s time to phase it out.

The SIBIS is no longer manufactured, Iwata says: “We found other ways to deal with the problem.”

Iwata says he’s treated hundreds of self-injurious individuals at the Kennedy Krieger Institute at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center and the University of Florida, including “the most difficult cases there were to see.” And he’s had success with milder forms of punishment, from timeouts to restraints, as well as rewards.

“It might take longer,” he says. “If we shocked everyone who came in the door, we could probably do things quickly.” But “most professionals in the field do not regard shock as an acceptable form of treatment for problem behavior.”

Do they still give painful shocks for behaviors that are not aggressive?

Does the Judge Rotenberg Center still give painful shocks for behaviors that are not aggressive? hmm, what did the new director say about this practice in July of 2015:

On our trip to JRC I [Jacob Persico] mentioned to Glenda [the current director] that on Jennifer’s behavior sheet that she would be shocked for getting out of bed without permission. Glenda did not deny it or even say that they have stopped the practice, instead she justified this by saying that shocks are sometimes used on behaviors that are a “precursor” to abusive behavior.

Here is my report here:

And the report by Jay Rosenthal who went with me here:

Everyone needs compassion

I know this is a little off topic, but it is very relevant to this cause:

Everyone is at a different stage of there development. Everyone, even staff; people that work at the store, behind the counter, mopping the floor, counselors, teachers, everyone. We should treat everyone of these people; every single person in this human race with kindness always, as if they were our patients, everyone, not condescending, kindness, even yourself. I don’t always do this. I don’t think any of us always do.

We all hurt people, even ourselves. God help us all please.