My petition to stop JRC from using painful shocks for minor behaviors

Please sign and share this petition I made to stop the Judge Rotenberg Center in Canton Mass from using painful shocks for minor behaviors:

Mass law 115 prohibits pain for non violent behaviors but JRC does it anyway

Fact, If the treatment that is used at JRC was used out in public, it would be called assault.

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It’s really really sick that this country allows this. I’ve seen this video before. Ive seen most of them. It is extremely cruel especially that they shock them for sh* like stimming (just waving there hand) because they want to eliminate the typical autistic behavior of stimming. Just minor behavior that is not bad or harmful they shock students for. And there is LOP which is another sick twisted horrible torture that they used, probably still do where they take away there prisoners (“students”) right to talk with other students. Its so cruel. It’s incredible that this sadistic viol torture is allowed as an exception, when almost anywhere else this treatment would be punished by imprisonment.

Try to give some one out in public in the street an electric shock for stimming, do it to a random stranger and it is considered assault. Do it to your child and they take your child away. But JRC can do it and the law says JRC gets a free pass. In JRC It’s called “treatment” by the law. Everywhere else it is called “assault”. Makes no sense.

The horrible torture at JRC (Dave’s interview with former JRC student)

Dave posted on his blog Reward and Consent an interview with Anna Kosovskaya about her cruel voile horrible torture they did to her there. I skipped down to the meat of the article (“The Report” section)

This is the very detailed report Dave Altieri interview with Anna Kosovskaya:

Here is the Facebook post:

This is what I commented about the article on Facebook:
I read the report up to section “JRC behavior control methods” so far. They told a student “there’s no crying without appropriate stimulus”. Wow. You did a good job on this report Dave. This is intense. SMH Very sad.
“another program op I had was for a staff to pinpoint an unfair behavior on me and I had to accept the pinpoint” That’s F–ing SICK! What a horrible thing to teach someone. That’s teaching if you are treated unfairly you should accept it. That is so WRONG!
I skipped down for now to LOP (Loss Of Privileges). This I think is more cruel then getting a shock for misbehaving way more cruel. It’s hard for me to come up with words to say how cruel I think LOP is. I wonder if they still do this hideous thing. “when you are on LOP, you can’t do anything, not even speak to anyone”. That is SICK. That is so cruel!!!
This is what the evil viol cruel people at JRC subjected Anna to the horrible cruel LOP for: getting out of bed w/o permission: “my first day I broke for getting out of bed without permission”

This is very disgusting, if they still do any of these things then they NEED to be shut down ASAP. This is DISGUSTING! This is an OUTRAGE! Why is there not a huge public outcry about this voile extremely cruel inhumane torture!