Do they still give painful shocks for behaviors that are not aggressive?

Does the Judge Rotenberg Center still give painful shocks for behaviors that are not aggressive? hmm, what did the new director say about this practice in July of 2015:

On our trip to JRC I [Jacob Persico] mentioned to Glenda [the current director] that on Jennifer’s behavior sheet that she would be shocked for getting out of bed without permission. Glenda did not deny it or even say that they have stopped the practice, instead she justified this by saying that shocks are sometimes used on behaviors that are a “precursor” to abusive behavior.

Here is my report here:

And the report by Jay Rosenthal who went with me here:


Everyone needs compassion

I know this is a little off topic, but it is very relevant to this cause:

Everyone is at a different stage of there development. Everyone, even staff; people that work at the store, behind the counter, mopping the floor, counselors, teachers, everyone. We should treat everyone of these people; every single person in this human race with kindness always, as if they were our patients, everyone, not condescending, kindness, even yourself. I don’t always do this. I don’t think any of us always do.

We all hurt people, even ourselves. God help us all please.


Some rules at the Judge Rotenberg Center

Trigger Warning: Abuse

Some rules at the Judge Rotenberg Center (as can be seen by examining this behavior sheet for a former student.)(“1 GED-4” means one electrical shock from there strongest remote controlled electric shock device)(this behavior sheet is from one student, not all students have the same behavior sheet, and not all students are approved to receive electrical shocks):

Aggressive behavior includes getting out of your seat w/o permission, and getting out of bed w/o permission. Both of these behaviors are acts of aggression (“Aggress1”) and WILL be punished by electrical shock.

It is dangerous to run away from JRC. Self restraining, repetitive hand movement in front of face, and tensing up for more then 2 seconds are all dangerous behaviors (“HDB1”) and WILL be punished by electric shock and lose of ALL points earned.

“Blatant NO” and refusing to follow directions (3 step directions) will not be tolerated, such behavior WILL be punished with an electrical shock and lose of ALL points earned.

Behavior sheet of one former student: