Some rules at the Judge Rotenberg Center

Trigger Warning: Abuse

Some rules at the Judge Rotenberg Center (as can be seen by examining this behavior sheet for a former student.)(“1 GED-4” means one electrical shock from there strongest remote controlled electric shock device)(this behavior sheet is from one student, not all students have the same behavior sheet, and not all students are approved to receive electrical shocks):

Aggressive behavior includes getting out of your seat w/o permission, and getting out of bed w/o permission. Both of these behaviors are acts of aggression (“Aggress1”) and WILL be punished by electrical shock.

It is dangerous to run away from JRC. Self restraining, repetitive hand movement in front of face, and tensing up for more then 2 seconds are all dangerous behaviors (“HDB1”) and WILL be punished by electric shock and lose of ALL points earned.

“Blatant NO” and refusing to follow directions (3 step directions) will not be tolerated, such behavior WILL be punished with an electrical shock and lose of ALL points earned.

Behavior sheet of one former student: (Edit Dec 26, 2018: original link is deed, click this archive link.)

Sites to share to spread awareness of JRC

Here are some anti-JRC sites to share (they are all specifically focused on JRC):

Edit Aug 19, 2017, another link (this one for pro JRC and anti JRC discussion):

JRC Survivor Speaks Out

Jennifer Msumba speaks out about her experience going to the Judge Rotenberg Center, in this 4 part series published in November of 2014. She talks about her time there as there prisoner (what they call “student”), what she experienced there, and how it caused her to feel and react.

JRC Survivor Speaks Out (Part 1)

JRC Survivor Speaks Out (Part 2)

JRC Survivor Speaks Out (Part 3)

JRC Survivor Speaks Out (Part 4)

(You can also check out the anti-JRC Facebook groups for info and discussion on The Judge Rotenberg Center: Massachusetts Students United Against The Judge Rotenberg Center
and DOWN with the Judge Rotenberg Center in Canton, Massachusetts!)