Former JRC resident Jennifer Msumba describes the shocks

Yes they still shock there residence (prisoners), yes they still do it for mild behavior (like waving hand in front of face and out of seat/bed w/o permission).

Oh and this is the list she mentions:

JRC student Andre McCollins traumatized with PTSD

This is an indecent from October 25, 2002 where JRC tied down Andre and shocked him for 6 hours. The shocks while he was tied down were punishments for yelling and tensing up. After Andre became catatonic traumatized with PTSD his mother Cheryl told him, “Andre, I’m sorry. I apologize. I didn’t know.”

JRC/BRI has a history of physical and psychological abuse. Even though this school may have improved, why should people take a chance with a school that is founded on rigid control and extreme punishment for minor behaviors.

I know that this is old news and they don’t use restraint board with shocks anymore (supposedly), or use multiple shocks for one behavior any more (supposedly), or withhold food anymore. But they still admit to applying painful shocks for minor behaviors (I’m talking behaviors like waving your hand in front of your face and getting out of bed or seat w/o permission).

Back when they were BRI they were leaving blisters on feet from pinching them. And there is so much psychological torture that they do that does not get a lot of attention, like controlling what the prisoners are allowed to say. So JRC does NOT have freedom of speech.

This is the article “31 Shocks Later”:

This is video of the boy being shocked over and over while tied down:

This school (prison) is still open. Maybe they improved, just maybe, but really do you thing anyone should be subjected to having to live at this prison. It needs to be shut down PERMANENTLY!


EDIT: Read the comments on the shock torture video. JRC staff experienced trauma, PTSD and at least one had to be hospitalized in a mental hospital. Is this a place you would want to work at? It needs to be SHUT DOWN and STOP being supported!

JRC Protest Aug 18 10AM

A JRC Protest will be on August 18 at 10AM ET

24 Beacon St. Boston MA USA

I’m going, and I am bringing my sign.

This will be in support of Massachusetts bill H.225 to ban painful punishments like electric shock, which the Judge Rotenberg Center uses to punish there students for minor infractions.

#StopTheShock JRC Aug 18

Please join the protest. They need to be stopped. More people need to know about this place. Thanks.

Why the FDA ban on painful electric shock devices was overturned

Why the FDA ban on the painful electric shock devices (used at JRC) was overturned, as I see it:

The issue as I see it is that the FDA can rule a device or kind of device is dangerous. They did NOT specifically target the GED. They said devices designed to give painful shocks for certain purposes should be banned. So it’s like just because a device that gives painful shocks was made with the intention to give shocks for aggressive behavior it should be banned, but if the same exact device was made with the intention of giving painful shocks for a different reason it should not be banned. So you can see why they said THAT MAKES NO SENSE.

Also the FDA did NOT say all devices designed to give painful electric shock should be banned.

Painful electric shocks are used for psychology experiments on people. With the one being experimented on consenting and getting paid. They are also used on people who volunteerily want aversion therapy to help them stop a bad habit like smoking or unhealthy eating or drugs.

So I hope now you see the problem in the FDA ban and why it did not go through.