The Other Side Of The Story

Edit August 3, 2014

I do know that there are some people who are severely abusive to themselves at times. In those circumstances a shock would quickly get them to stop. Restraint is another solution, just until they calm down. Also a mild sedative. The advantage of the shock is it can be administered very quickly. So I do see some of the other side.

The problem is the school doesn’t just use the skin shocks for dangerous and abusive behaviors. They also use it for very minor misbehavior, such as swearing wetting the bed and tensing up. There use of skin shocks for very minor behavior is well documented by news articles and JRC even admitted it on there own web site (they since to the page down but it is archived here: see question 36 “Is it true that JRC uses skin shock to punish minor behaviors?” ). Also they do something called BRLs where they force the student to engage in a bad behavior and shock them weather they do it or not (see which quotes JRC’s own website.) Also have you seen the video of a student shocked for not taking off his coat, tied to a board then shocked repeatedly (this was reported by Fox with actual footage):

A friend of mine commented asking why they can’t talk the person down that is upset. This is a good point. Some say restraint should be a last resort.

It’s like something out of a horror movie. But this horror story is real.

I can’t comprehend that this torture at JRC (Judge Rotenberg Center) is allowed. If I hadn’t read all I’ve read about JRC I would find it hard to believe that the workers at JRC get away with depriving them of food, tying them to boards and shocking them repeatedly and shocking them for minor behaviors. It is unreal that they get away with this sh*t. It is unbelievable. It’s like something out of a horror movie. If people did this anywhere else they would be sentenced to jail time. It’s assault! It’s abuse! The authorities are afraid to go after JRC. Student’s should be filing lawsuits against this school for pain and suffering. Some layers need to get together and form a class action suit for these students, one of the outcomes from said trial would be that the students suing would be granted freedom from the school and freedom from being tortured.